The Deck Team is your #1 choice!

The Deck Team is growing. Our experience increases everyday, and our willingness to serve you is unparalleled. We want to work with you not only to clean and stain your deck, but to add value to the place you call home. We hope that after our time working on your deck, you find yourself spending more and more quality time on your deck.

We Excel in Every Phase


We work quickly to identify and replace bent and splintered boards. Paying attention to detail is a must while sanding new and older boards. Because who wants to get a sliver everytime they walk on their deck?

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing separates the professionals, The Deck Team, from the amateurs. This is the step in which quick and efficient work saves time and money.


The color and stain used to protect the deck is your choice. The choice to hand brush the stain into the lumber for superior protection is our choice. This method helps the stain most effectively penetrate the wood of your deck.